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Rick Tillery <rtilleryw...@gmail.com> пишет:

> It's at that point that I looked closer at dracut.  It appears to be
> able to successfully construct the initrd from the existing
> environment.  Additionally, dracut recognizes the entire image,
> including the early_cpio portion (which likewise must be recognized by
> grub (2?) as well), when used to examine the initrd/initramfs file.

Bootloaders do not care about content of initrd, they just load it in
memory and pass pointer to kernel.

> So back to my original question, can dracut build the image from an
> existing image (possibly unarchived as above), with changes, and
> including the early_cpio portion?

It is not implemented.

>                                   And if not, before I go trying to
> create my own scripts, are there are there any tools that can do this?

Not that I'm aware of. I have the same issue every now and then and it
would be good to have dracut support it. Something like "lsinitrd -x"
to extract archives and dracut options to use existing directories for
early cpio and main initrd.

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