On 09/13/15 at 02:50pm, Alex wrote:
> Hi,
> I have a fedora22 system with dracut-041-10 and initramfs created with
> it fails at "reached target basic system". I enabled some debugging,
> and it appears to just loop, unable to mount a root, until I get a
> dracut shell.
> It's created an sosreport, but I'm unable to mount a USB stick to copy
> it. It displays info about the device when it's inserted, but no
> device name is assigned to it. Is this a problem with how the
> initramfs was created, a bug, or am I doing something wrong?
> The only modules in /usr/lib/modules/drivers are gpu drivers,
> i2c/algos, and raid1 and raid456. The system has a RAID1 and a RAID5
> partition, but the kernel modules aren't loaded (have to load them
> manually), but then no devices are shown in /proc/mdstat there either.
> Is filesystem support compiled into the kernel or must that be added
> to the initramfs manually?

You can try add them manually like below, assume you are using vfat filesystem..
--add-drivers "usb_storage vfat"

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