Hi, I have my rootfs and swap partition LUKS-encrypted. Now I cannot
make resume from swap to work. I can only get working my LUKS rootfs
alone, without resume.
The working way, I give options

rd.luks.key=/key:UUID=(boot uuid)

But if I remove rd.luks.uuid (specifying to open all LUKS devices), or
if I put another rd.luks.uuid parameter for my swap partition, no matter
if I specify rd.luks.key with luksdev part twice, or anyhow, it hangs on
boot. What's supposed way to accomplish this?

Note that on the same USB stick where I have /boot, I have another
partition encrypted with another key. Maybe this is what makes it hang?

I can provide any logs required, but I've tried many configurations and
nothing works, so I am asking how it is supposed to work at all, so that
I report the bug and logs against correct configuration.

Thanks in advance.

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