i just stumbled upon a detail in dracut that i found surprising and appears as 
a small bug to me. 

If you boot a dracut image without giving a "root=" parameter (or e.g. a 
misspelled argument to that parameter) the system will _not_ drop you into a 
shell, even if rd.shell is set. IMHO this is not the expected behavior, as the 
manual says that rd.shell will drop you into a shell if rd.shell is set and no 
root is found. So i would suggest to change the "die()" function in the 
dracut-lib.sh and add a test for rd.shell in line 460 (getargbool 0 "rd.debug=" 
&& emergency_shell) too. The system will already drop you in a shell if you 
have a "rd.debug" parameter set, but i think that rd.shell (and probably 
"rdshell" too) alone should be sufficient, as this is more convinient and less 

I could prepare a patch, if you prefer that.

If this is not some kind of bug, you may call it a "wishlist item" and/or 
change the documentation accordingly.


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