Hi everyone,

during DebCamp and DebConf so far, we have been busily hacking on
metainit and reach a somewhat α (if not already β) state. What we need
now is more testing, more bugs found (and fixed) and more suggestions
what to do before we upload it to the archive.

We currently support
 * Creating sysv init scripts based on metainit files (update-metainit)
 * Removing them again (update-metainit --remove)
 * Using debhelper to create sensible maintainer scripts
 * Removing unchanged old init.d scripts from earlier versions

You can find binaries and the source on:

You can browse the source or do a darcs get on:

A changelog etc. on:

A description of the metainit file format (as perldoc):

A descriptions of the steps to upgrade a package to metainit:

A debian directory of a simple daemon (without debhelper):

A debian directory of a simple daemon (with debhelper):
(the debian/infon-server.init file is not used anymore)

I hope this gets you started, especially with converting some of your
package to metainit. Darcs patches very welcome as well, of course.

While at it, I’d like to thank those who helped to hack on metainit:
 * Florian Ragwitz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
 * Gunnar Wolf <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
 * Moritz Lenz <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
 * Urs Ganse <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

Greetings from the DebConf Nightvenue,
Joachim Breitner

Joachim "nomeata" Breitner
Debian Developer
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