There has been an increase in people within the project wanting to give
back to Inkscape in the form of donating a percentage of their earnings
from Inkscape courses, tutorials, artwork sales, etc.

It's my opinion that we should support this, however like any other public
sponsorship of Inkscape, I believe donations of this sort should have some
rules to ensure there is no conflict of interest.

Here is a brief summary of the sponsorship rights and responsibilities
which I think should take effect if the Inkscape Project will be helping
with promotion of sales where a percentage is going to the project:

1. Neutrality: The Inkscape project will not play favourites amongst
internal and external sponsors who join as Friends of Inkscape.

2. Transparency: In the case of promotional releases (Facebook, Twitter, G+
etc.), the Inkscape project will make clear the rules and guidelines of
using the Inkscape Project's namesake for promotion, keep a tally of funds
donated by the sponsor on our website.

3. Non-endorsement policy: Verbiage for press releases should make it clear
that the Inkscape Project does not necesarilly endorse the content or views
of the sponsor, and the sponsorship is to be treated purely as a
fund-raising exercise to benefit the project. Moreover that the sponsor is
solely responsible for delivering the product.

4. Quality - The Inkscape project should, before accepting any
co-sponsorship agreement, ensure that the products being offered or sold is
of sufficient quality, and provide real value to the Inkscape community
(basically that the items are worth buying, and not just a scheme to make
as much profit as possible without offering sufficient value to the buyers).

5. Commitment - The sponsor should be able to follow up on what they are
selling and maintain a good customer satisfaction rating on their chosen
commercial platform. The Inkscape Project should take into account the
history, ratings, and reviews for products sold by the sponsor to protect
Inkscape users.

6. Ongoing - If the project determines at any time that the sponsor is not
keeping up with their promised delivery of goods, or the quality or content
of the products being sold is not adequate, the project reserves the right
to cancel at any time, and for any reason the sponsorship agreement.

7. For-Profit Only - These terms only apply to sponsors who wish the
Inkscape Project to advertise these co-sponsorship deals. For example an
Inkscape press release could read: "Help raise money for Inkscape, while
learning from the professionals! XXXX is generously donating 50% from this
professional tutorial course to fund development of Inkscape! Thanks XXXX!)
These terms do not apply to folks who just want to donate without any press
releases from the Inkscape Project.

8. Honesty - Obviously, we should ensure that sponsors follow up on the
promise to donate the stated funds to the Inkscape Project. We can
encourage this with a running-total press release, for example: "Donations
from XXXX's Inkscape course just passed the £10,000.00 mark! Our next
hackfest is fully funded!" etc.

9. Ending a sponsorship - When the sponsor wishes to end the sponsorship
deal, it should be made clear that funds are no longer going to the
Inkscape Project. This can be done with a thank you press release, like
this: XXXX has raised a total of £150,000.00 for Inkscape's development. On
behalf of the Inkscape Project, we'd like to thank XXXX for this generous
donation and wish them good luck on future projects.

Any thoughts are welcome. :)

Thanks for your attention!
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