Le 11/10/2016 à 22:45, Brynn a écrit :
>         Would it be helpful to you, if you just aim for a rough translation, 
> and I can review and "fine tune"?  I see that you are doing high quality 
> work, and mostly alone, and I'm trying to think of a way to make it easier 
> for you.  (and move the project along at the same time)

I think it would be a bit hard. I make the fixes because I feel
disturbed during the translation because of all the problems. I somewhat
need the fixes to do the translation.
You know, I never read books; I only search for formal docs on the web,
and I need some strict environment to work. If a website doesn’t look
strict, I will avoid it.

The very best solution would be that somebody having similar skills than
mine joins the work. Maybe I can find somebody that would have good
abilities in French in inkscape-user-fr.
Otherwise, I can still try to translate the book as it is, then you
would improve the English version and I could reuse your ideas for the
original version.
(In any case, you’ll have to read and correct, of course.)

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