неділя, 16-жов-2016 19:49:56 Eduard Braun написано:
> (CCing the "translators" list, since this concerns them, too, but please
> keep discussion on "devel")
> Hi all,
> I'm in the progress of updating the Windows installer for 0.92 release
> and asked myself which languages should be included in the final package?
> Are there some guidelines or do we simply include all of them, even if
> they're mostly outdated? How was this handled in the past?
> Since languages seem to be hardcoded in "src/inkscape-preferences.cpp"
> we probably can not just drop those languages during packaging.
> Otherwise the language would still be offered as a choice, even if it's
> not present (which is is also an issue if the user decides not to
> install translations during installation).
> FYI current language statistics are attached (I hope it get's through),
> otherwise a copy is available from [1].
> Best Regards,
> Eduard
> [1] https://inkscape.org/de/gallery/item/10140/po_statistics_0.92.x.html


Sorry for hijacking the thread, but I cannot find the way to update POT-file 
after CMake conversion for build system. Ukrainian is shown as 100 % 
translated in the attached statistics but it is not so at least for the bzr 

_fitPageButton.set_label(_("_Resize page to drawing or selection 

but my PO contains "_Resize page to drawing or selection" so in interface it 
is effectively untranslated.

So the question is, are the messages from Inkscape POT synced with the current 
code? Can we update the catalog locally in some way?

Many thanks in advance for your answers.

Best regards,

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