On Mon, Jan 29, 2018 at 09:32:32PM +0100, Eduard Braun wrote:
> Hi all,
> as we had some interface translations coming in late last time (probably due
> to too short notice of the release) I thought I'd let you know early this
> time that Inkscape 0.92.3 is going to happen in the near future.
> Planning for the release is just starting, so there's no need to hurry.
> Anyway I just updated the inkscape.pot so you can start working on the
> translation as you see fit:
>  * 
> https://gitlab.com/inkscape/inkscape/commit/90624d8370c54af0e5578abc4f0e31176845a3cf
>    (0.92.x branch)
>  * 
> https://gitlab.com/inkscape/inkscape/commit/37abc4a31659dc3faab223f8cb25a13b94178df1
>    (master branch if you want to update that right away, too)
> Please note we're not in official string freeze yet, so this might not be
> the absolute final version, however development in 0.92.x branch is mostly
> bugfixing these days, so string changes are rare and remaining changes
> should be minimal (if any).
> As always have fun translating!

Thanks again for letting translators know, Eduard.

I'll follow up later with more details about our release plans, but as
per today's release meeting we're really not anticipating any string
changes landing for 0.92.3, or at least not very many.  So please feel
free to update translations at your convenience, there may not be much
to do if 0.92.2 was 100% for your language.  We're roughly thinking of
about a month for the release, with a pre-release some time the last
week of Feb.

If there are any notable string changes from this point until release,
we'll try and ensure they get flagged.  Again though, hope is that
there'll be none.


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