We just published the -01 as 
https://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-intarea-provisioning-domains-01 based on 
the comments received on the mailing list and during the last WG meeting in 

Here is the log of changes:

1) The PvD RA Option may now contain other RA options such that PvD-aware hosts 
may receive configuration information otherwise invisible to non-PvD-aware 
hosts. _So the PvD ID option is now a ‘container’_

2) Clarify that the additional PvD Additional Information is not intended to 
modify host's networking stack behavior, but rather provide information to the 
Application, used to select which PvDs must be used and provide configuration 
parameters to the transport layer.

3) The RA option padding is used to increase the option size to the next 64 
(was 32) bits boundary.

4) Removing references to 'metered' and 'characteristics' keys. Those may be in 
scope of the PvD work, but this document will focus on essential parts only.

5) Removing appendix section regarding link quality and billing information.

6) Better detail the Security model and Privacy considerations.

We have running code on Linux kernel + RADVD + ODHCP + wireshark thanks to 
Wenqin Shao & Pierre Pfister (based on previous work of Thierry Danis).

*With the above changes, we will ask for a IANA allocation of the PvD ID option 
next week.*

Thank you for reviewing the document and commenting it on the mailing list

-éric, pierre, tommy and david

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