Dear All.

Within last few days I have been testing my laptop i915GM LCD screen picture 
with option "DRI" "off" in xorg.conf device section. It happened because I 
can't physically look at my screen more then half an hour with DRI enabled. I 
do not know how to explain what is wrong with LCD picture, but my eyes like 
burn inside, after some time screen picture starts to hurt my eyes.
It was before already and then I solved it to disable DRI. Now with Fedora 14.
I know, I do not blame anyone, because I start from Fedora 13, then Fedora 
rawhide, then Fedora 14 and always the same problem - unusable screen picture 
with my i915.
Disabling DRI solve it up to 80%, because it anyway stays worse then picture on 
Suse 11.1 (just perfect).

Another problem (and it is really problem). I know and I some of you many times 
told, that "glxgears" is not a test tool and I can't measure with it anything, 
BUT with DRI "off" option it gives me:
718 frames in 5.0 seconds = 143.432 FPS

With DRI enabled I got only:
98 frames in 5.1 seconds = 19.359 FPS (still mouse)

You may tell me again and again that "glxgears" is not a test tool, but the 
result shows the difference, and this difference with my eye experience tells 
me that DRI doesn't work good, I would say not good at all.

Of course, i915GM is very old video chipset and support it is not as exciting 
as "Sandy Bridge", so I do not expect much, but I was hoped to get what was 
before -
the same picture quality and poor 3d acceleration that was years ago, not worse.
If it is difficult to support all chipsets in one driver may be it is good idea 
to split it, one for an i915GM like and another for the rest?

Thanks for reading this.

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