A lot of igt testcases need some dummy load to make sure a race
window is big enough. Unfortunately having a fixed amount of
workload leads to spurious test failures or overtly long runtimes
on some fast/slow platforms. This library contains functionality
to submit GPU workloads that is dynamically tuned to consume a
specific amount of time.

This functionality is generalized to lib from existing features in
gem_wait and kms_flip. In the future, we could update test cases
that could benefit from auto-tuned dummy workloads to use this
new api.

Abdiel Janulgue (3):
      lib: add igt_dummyload
      igt/gem_wait: Use new igt_dummyload api
      igt/kms_flip: Use new igt_dummyload api

 lib/Makefile.sources |   2 +
 lib/igt.h            |   1 +
 lib/igt_dummyload.c  | 419 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 lib/igt_dummyload.h  |  63 ++++++
 tests/gem_wait.c     |  77 ++-----
 tests/kms_flip.c     | 191 +-----------------
 6 files changed, 507 insertions(+), 246 deletions(-)

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