Are the test run in the order defined by fast-feedback.testlist ?
I intended the vgem unload test to be run as the first vgem testcase to
minimise the chance of a stray module leak. Can we define the order within
CI? Can we put comments into fast-feedback.testlist ?
My understanding, yes, we are running on that order.
Adding comment, no I think no, Petri, Tomi?

Order: Yes, that order. I'm waiting for an opportune moment to test a patch to sleep-and-retry in vgem unload to prune out the cases of just having soon-to-finish work left over. Just need to tune the amount of retries and sleeping.

We can also order vgem unload test to be first (along with drv_module_reload) depending on whether we want to catch those stray module leaks. Comments on that tradeoff?

Comments in the test list: Not yet. Piglit patch for them just sent to piglit mailing list.

Petri Latvala

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