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Quoting Lionel Landwerlin (2017-08-09 15:57:59)
Right, that's exactly what I was asking in our previous exchange.
I just follow the traces, and am internally screaming at how much we are
stuffing inside drm_i915_private nowadays.
You need to leave the memset() I think, because we check further down
It is already zeroed.

that function that id == 0 to detect failure to recognize that the (Gen,
GT) is supported.
Unless there is a guarantee that dev_priv is fully memset()?
It is allocated using kzalloc() and we depend upon that in many, many


Fixes: f89823c21224 ("drm/i915/perf: Implement I915_PERF_ADD/REMOVE_CONFIG interface")

The line above is wrong and not what I wanted to write... :

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