On 3/2/2018 2:01 PM, Chris Wilson wrote:
Quoting Sagar Arun Kamble (2018-03-01 16:45:45)
+static int huc_fw_xfer(struct intel_uc_fw *huc_fw, struct i915_vma *vma)
+       struct intel_huc *huc = container_of(huc_fw, struct intel_huc, fw);
+       struct drm_i915_private *dev_priv = huc_to_i915(huc);
+       unsigned long offset = 0;
+       u32 size;
+       int ret;
+       GEM_BUG_ON(huc_fw->type != INTEL_UC_FW_TYPE_HUC);
+       intel_uncore_forcewake_get(dev_priv, FORCEWAKE_ALL);
+       /* Set the source address for the uCode */
+       offset = guc_ggtt_offset(vma) + huc_fw->header_offset;
+       I915_WRITE(DMA_ADDR_0_LOW, lower_32_bits(offset));
+       I915_WRITE(DMA_ADDR_0_HIGH, upper_32_bits(offset) & 0xFFFF);
So these same registers are used to transfer the guc image. What
serialisation do we have between the two to prevent conflicts?

(lockdep_assert_held the appropriate guard with explanation :)
Yes. Currently they are implicitly serialized by load ordering. Will need locking if async load is to be done.
But no harm in adding locking/lockdep now. Will do. Thank you.
As it's not a new issue, please follow up with another patch and we'll
apply this in the meantime.


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