Hola Folks!

Sorry for the delays in getting another archive since eScribe appears to be totally dead and I doubt it was going to come back.

If you'd like to set a bookmark for reference posts to the list from 10/23/05 to the present, the NEW public archive site for the Interact list is located at;


I also very shortly have a search link for this site installed at;


The archive list name is 'interact' and has now verified so feel free to post and your comments will be not only for private list members but also on the public archive.

I checked the current subscribers and the list shows 288 active names down from nearly 700 a couple of years ago.

I never cared for large numbers of subscribers but always preffered a small group of talented, knowledgeable people who would 'interact' with quality, informative posts and discussions, providing URLs, comments, ideas, reports and interesting, useful information.

Again, for clarification for those who have written in  wanting to know
what happened to the public eScribe archive;

1) The KeelyNet Interact list is and always was private and only for members.

2) Years ago I signed on with eScribe (a totally separate website not affiliated with KeelyNet in any way) to provide a public archive of
posts made to the Interact list where I began posting news so I wouldn't
have to create new html pages all the time for KeelyNet.

3) Since eScribe was a separate company providing an archive service for many lists, not related to KeelyNet or the Interact list in any way, all they did was to subscribe to the Interact list, to receive posts which they archive for anyone to read.

4) eScribe has been down now for several months with no sign of coming
up despite communication with owner/operator Scott Paterson.

5) Therefore, I have signed on with mail-archive as a test to provide a
public archive of Interact posts.
Thanks for your patience and your participation.

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