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An oft repeated idea of personal vehicles, owned by the community and used as necessary by the subscribers/citizens. This is something I think would really take off in a big way. A quickie inspection for damages between 'rentals' as done by car rental services.

Perhaps limiting travel to within a 10, 30, 50 mile limit of the source city or maybe a fixed amount of mileage for a fixed price.

Stations where vehicles would be dropped off and picked up when necessary. Selected and reserved by email or telephone using your ID.

Perhaps credit cards or prepaid or bank debit cards that are authorized for the per use charges, maybe even a subscription service with a monthly tab, much like telephone, electricity, gas, etc..

The next step in 'rental' vehicles but on a social level that was more affordable for those who need more than mass public transport can provide.

Such a system would necessarily cost more but I think people would pay for it were it available, for the privilege of better control of your time and destinations.


12/02/05 - Ready for community-owned cars, trucks?

A community-owned fleet of vehicles is on the agenda for Members of Willits Economic LocaLization and staff from the Renewable Energy Development Institute.

The goal is to localize the transportation system, reduce the number of cars and trucks on the road, and promote use of sustainable fuel.

Filling out this questionnaire will help them learn what would work best for the Willits area.
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