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Finally finished the 3rd DVD in the totally excellent documentary about the History of BBSes. The entire set is simply delightful and brings back tons of memories of my entire 1988-1995 KeelyNet BBS experiences.

This 3rd DVD dealt with hacking and key among the interviews, the folding of BBSes as people migrated to the Internet. Its kind of sad but things do change.

For KeelyNet, I had heard about the net in 1993 and 1994 but it was Bill Beaty at http://www.amasci.com who was an early member on the KN BBS, who kept on me about moving KeelyNet to the Internet. I sent him a set of KeelyNet files which he posted and which were mirrored at 7 other sites that I knew about.

Though I got my first Internet account in 1994 to check it all out, I didn't actually put KeelyNet online until early 1995, when my BBS hard drive crashed.

Oddly enough, some of the interviews on this 3rd DVD report similar experiences. Their system crashed, the sysop got tired of it, calls went down to nothing or they just decided it was time to move on.

I am forever grateful to Bill Beaty for urging me...REPEATEDLY, to migrate to the Internet which I resisted for over a year.

Wouldn't it be a neat thing if someone wrote a BBS style website, offering all the best of BBSes maybe with a .bbs extension?

There might be sites out there similar to that but for those who still remember them and would like a nostalgic 'fix', I think such a BBS website would do really well and might even be copied all over the place. Could become 'the next thing' in website formats!

Something like;

A user login screen,
ascii or graphic welcome header on entry,
live chat with other members,
discussion list (live or not that archives what is posted),
levels of access for both chat and file sections,

This BBS documentary should absolutely be broadcast on PBS or the History, Discover or A&E channels, it is definitely professionally done.

It's a lot of information and provides insights and behind the scenes reports that really show the intensity and enthusiasm of those of us who ran and used BBSes.

I was a TOTAL GREENIE/NOVICE compared to what some of these guys reported on the documentary! It did work however and I loved Mustang BBS Software. I had a PD version but also owned a paid for full blown system that allowed internet hookup. The PD version worked just fine and at one time, we had about 2,000 users but it generally hovered around 1,500.

But then, my SOLE goal was to share files and promote discussions regarding free energy, gravity control and healing with energy (electronic health) with some weirdness and overlaps. Hoping KeelyNet and its users would be 'the ones' to come up free energy or gravity control....no success....yet...wheels withing wheels and the goals remain as serious as ever.


11/14/05 - Excellent Documentary on the History of BBSes

If you are 30 or over and were involved in the wonderful world of Bulletin Board Systems, you will LOVE THIS 3 DVD Documentary! Having been merely the Sysop of KeelyNet for 12 years, beginning fully 10 years after the first BBS started, I found this very professionally done DVD set entertaining, enlightening and totally DELIGHTFUL!

Many memories of how it USED TO BE, before the Internet. The wonderful online communities, the funny events, exhorbitant long distance phone bills from downloads/chats, the posturing and flame wars.

I laughed and had tears of delight from some of the stories told by over 200 people interviewed for this documentary. It is on sale now for $40US and absolutely worth the price.

The packaging, graphics and information content are first rate and a 3 DVD set of this high quality would sell in a video store for $99.95 at least! Definitely check out the index/overview of the contents to get an idea of what all these amazing DVDs cover!

I don't know how many reading this were fortunate enough to participate in the days of the BBS, but you will definitely cherish these DVDs that recall how it all came to be.

It is also well worth owning for those who weren't 'there' because you can learn about this wonderful history of invention, sharing and camaraderie. Be sure to check out the story of FidoNet which was, in my opinion, the early Internet! I can't say enough good things about this DVD set, its simply amazing! - JWD
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