A simialr methode has been developed by a German inventor years ago
 by mixing water - made lipophil with a small amount (%) of  detergent -
 with gas or diesel - in a funace directly into the fuel line 
up to 40% improved efficiency were achieved and it was a very "clean burn"
i think you have to start the process water free 
and add the water when the temp is up - easy done with a switch

he never could get it to market in Germany -he had it patented though
and no industry picked it up -neither  auto nor heating 
 despite he has demonstrated his invention on public TV many times

he showed that any oil furnace would burn totally clean and more efficient
on TVin Germany - in the early  80s- 
but as said nobody picked upon it commercially 

he emigrated to the USA in the late80sorearly 90s - if i recall it correct 
there was initial interest by the  3 big car makers 
but obviously never any application 
there was a website out on this - but I don't know if its still active
 ( sorry no URL - search the  web and the back engine )

it was very simple done  the  water was injected - 
or rather sucked into the carburator so the fuel was mixed with the water 
maybe since many motor are using now fuel injection this idea was never 
implemented -BUT IS WORKS - dont know howfar hedeveloped it in USA

maybe in a few years when the patent runs out the industry will  implement it
a "typical" thing in the auto industry- like with the safety stearing column
its actually an easy DIY project for interested mechanics
check it out


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