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This quite incredible experiment fits 3 such claims...the original Schappeller from which Searl got his ideas, then Searl and then Hamel up in Canada.

So Searl and his newest group are still siphoning millions with no results, yet these guys do it on their own.


12/05/05 - Roshchin/Godin weight loss experiment supports Schappeller/Searl claims

The two Russian scientists were in for a surprise when they set up their experiment in a high-ceilinged concrete laboratory. They had built a meter-wide energy converter whose rotating part carried magnetic rollers similar to those built by John Searl, a British inventor. They wanted to test Searls claims to have had a flying disc and a generator that converted energy from surrounding space into electricity.

With a special non-magnetic platform underneath, the Russians total apparatus weighed 350 kilograms. When they sped the rotor up to 200 revolutions-per-minute (rpm), instruments showed the platform rising slightly on its vertical slides.

Weight loss! At 550 rpm the ampmeter in the motor circuit showed zero current being consumed. Using clutches, they disconnected the motor and connected the generator to the converters shaft. After the shaft reached a critical speed of 550 rpm, the rotor accelerated sharply.

The machine was running itself! It didnt slow down until they connected the first of ten kilowatt-heating-units as a load. The strangeness escalated. In an experiment in the dark, they saw a donut-shaped pink-and-blue light around the machine and smelled ozone from ionization of the air.

A wavy pattern corresponding to the surface of the rollers was superimposed on the corona. Zones of yellowish-white light appeared, but there were none of the crackling sounds that usually accompany electrical arc discharges.

When the machine was consuming the most power, seven kilowatts, the anomalous weight loss of the platform and its load reached 35 per cent. Was the heavy machine slowly levitating? Further they were astounded to feel a cooling of the surrounding air. Concentric rings of cooled air alternated with normal temperatures.

When they tested the surrounding air with sensors, they found rings of magnetic walls interspersed with rings of ordinary air rippling outward like waves in a pond, to fifteen meters from their experiment without lessening. Not even Searl had reported measuring such walls.

The Roshchin and Godin machine produces a seven-degree drop in temperature in the area around the electrical generator as it operates, suggesting an unusual fulfillment of an energy conservation modality.

US Patent 6,822,361 - Orbiting multi-rotor homopolar system, has been awarded for their technology.

Rare book reprint $39.95 'The Physics of the Primary State of Matter' by Karl Schappeller which is the source for much of Searls' claims and this article on Searl, Schappeller & Gravity.

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