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If you've not yet seen this photo, do check it out. Looks more like an 'accident in progress' but several shots in sequence would show the truth of it. I tend more towards the accident theory than a flying car.


01/25/06 - Google Earth catches flying car

(Could just be a car wreck in progress, need sequential photos of the entire process. - JWD)

According to our Oz photo interpretation bureau (Clinton Bird), the vehicle in question is at an altitude of three of four metres and doing about 80 knots (92mph).

Which rules out a rocket-powered project, and we can see no evidence of the Wankel-powered turbofan outrigger engines favoured by the Moller Corporation.

Which leaves just one possible explantion: the Aussies have developed a gravity-busting hyperdrive, have bolted it into a second-hand Holden, and are seen here in the split second before their X-Motor made the transdimensional leap to hyper light speed.

For those of you still doing it by hand, try Honour Avenue, Point Walter, Perth.
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