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Interesting claim of a self-running emergency power generator and a V8 engine, both running from gas manufactured in the self-generating systems (gen photos at http://www.keelynet.com );


01/29/06 - Claim of Home Power System

Here are a couple of generator systems for a house power supply. They run on straight nitrogen-hydroxide generated from water. (Air is 78% nitrogen. - JWD)

The same system on the v8 car. The generator has been running as the main supply of electricity to a house for over ten years to the best of my knowledge. Well there are no power lines where this unit is.

I myself drive an old f100 Canadian engine. It's a 360 cubic inch six cylinder. I have run it on the fuel system for over four years, so far with no known ill effect except on my fuel bill round town I get about 140 miles per gallon. On a good run a lot more, but I stopped checking the mileage years ago. Because I know I cannot produce them without getting unwelcome visitors.

But there are lots of them privately built in Australia; they are quite common. Even the guy that does my road-worthy certificate has one [we have to have are cars checked every year here for any mechanical faults before we can reregister the vehicle]. They are not legal but the guy doing the check has one on his car as well. So registration not really an issue.

01/29/06 - A 235 V8 engine with nitrogen hydroxide cell

The system is fairly basic: It uses 316 grade stainless steel - a 100mm pipe anode and 80mm pipe for the cathode, placed inside the other. The end caps are made from perspex and sealed with rubber o-rings.

The centre pipe is negatively charged, the outer positive. The setup uses the existing carby, and in this case it has been substituted with one from a briggs and stratton lawn mower. This injects a small amount of fuel to help maintain a seal on the piston rings, and prevent corrosion.

It seems that having a vacuum within the gas chamber is what makes these devices so successful. Not only does it speed up the breakdown of water, it is said that with the combination of the vacuum + hydrogen + oxygen + atmospheric nitrogen, nitrogen hydroxide is created within the cell.

I don't know much about chemistry, so I dont know what else to say about this.
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