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01/29/06 - Manta Ground Effect Aerofoil as possible Land Speeder

(Add a propulsion unit and we have a novel new transport method. - JWD)

7 foot 8 inches long by 6 foot wide. It lifts 90 kg at 40 kph [21+ mph roughly] that's a seventy kilogram person [11 stone] (154lbs.), ask any aircraft engineer or pilot, they will tell you an airfoil cannot lift that much weight at that low a speed.

The picture is from a video capture. This is something new with quite a bit of military capability and potential horse power. Bingo starwars speeder bike. By the way it works!

The MANTA Ground Effect Aerofoil is a manta shaped wing designed to fly in ground effect, configured as shown in the accompanying illustrations.

A 50 to 75 foot towline would attach the aerofoil to the tow craft with a quick release. The aerofoil will plane on its center float at 10 to 15 mph and become airborne at 20 to 30 mph.

With a wingspan of approximately 10 feet, the aerofoil will reach a height of 1 to 3 feet above the waters surface. To use the MANTA G.E.A., a person would lie on the upper central body of the aerofoil and grasp the handrails; the rider would control the aerofoil by shifting his/her weight.

Should any problem arise, the rider would only have to release the towline or let go and slide safely into the water. Design Parameters

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