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Closeup photos of the 'flying car' site at http://www.keelynet.com where you can see the spun out dirt from a partly out of control car accident;


01/28/06 - Flying car mystery deepens!

(I still think it was a wreck in progress. One guy emailed me saying it could be 3 balloons whose images were blurred to make the car shape, but I don't think that explains it better than a car in flight during an accident, it lands and throws dirt onto the highway as in the photos. - JWD)

The list included: * A hoax * Two cars parked next to each other * Hole in the ground * Trailer * Bus shelter * Water tower * Tent * Car on a pole * Harry Potter on holiday.

Well, we can discount a lot of those right now, because we have secured the first on-the-spot photographic evidence of the area in question, courtesy of flag-waving Aussie Mark Zed. There is a complete lack of any sort of structure viz bus shelter (there is no bus route along this road anyway), nor a gazebo nor rotunda nor information booth etc etc.

No evidence of excavations beyond natural rain-water run off... given the steep escarpment (down into water) to the right, no work of any substantial degree could occur without significant re-enforcement or collapse of the escarpment also as there are no buildings to service there are no utilities running down this side of the road.

Anyone who may have visited this area in the past may remember information booths dotted along the way giving summarised accounts of pre & post settlement history, note however that the last of these is in fact at least 400 meters away to the south.
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