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> I received a couple of emails from a guy claiming he was an
> ex-consultant for NASA.  He claims he and his friends have many
> interesting devices they built and use but which would never be allowed
> for marketing.

Big red flag.

> 660 W

Why do we always have to start out big?  Lets light some LEDs first,
to that end:

> Mr. Wilson told me the secret of his machine was to use these PMA
> (permanent magnet alternators) which were in all cars before 1964

Get yourself a Bicycle generator, many of which really put out AC.
The light bulbs don't care if it is AC or DC for the bike application.

I'm sure you can come up with a small 3V motor or so to turn it.
Look at some of the pages that sell Robot parts.

> So I am debating on the off the shelf generator and modify it or buy one
> of these high power PMAs and connect to a motor and battery and inverter
> to see if it might run itself and possibly a small load.
All adds up to losses unless there is some magic aether sucking going on. 

> Remember, the more the alternator is loaded by high current drains, the
> harder it is to spin and the more HP it takes to do so...

That was Eclin's claim to fame.  No back EMF.  Anyone here tried to build one?

> I tend to think Mr. Wilson might be closest in his claim that a PMA was 
> the secret to a self-running generator system.  And there might be some 
> nuances with batteries that aren't completely understood.

There are many things in that category.

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