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Good Morning Jerry, I have had in the not to distant past difficulty
in getting to the interact sight for some reason. oh well. I did want
you to know that on the last post on interact "unlimited energy from
non-animal life forms such as tree is nearly 103 years
1. It was realized in conjunction with ground
powered experiments in 1904.
2. Used extensively for power by the
British during the 'Great War' (WW I)
3. Written about later in 1919
in the Electrical Experimenter
4. A patent issued in to George
Squier, # 1,549,032 on August 11, 1925, on it's use. 5. General George Squier(above) Chief Signal Officer and developer with circuitry in his patent for that day in age.
It works quite well for
radio and as such is also a power producer, provided you like to experiment in ground energies etc. I surmise that this fellow that
you wrote about is merely using modern solid state devices analogous
to Gen. Squires' time, but this is not new!!!!!!!!!!   I further
posit , that the circuitry he is using besides amplification, is
merely smoothing out the spikes as is done in other alternative a.c.
sine wave power generation for use. This energy sources is cheap and
easy to experiment with and use, stuff found round the house that you
throw out or can easily scavenge. as far as radio signals at that
time using the hardware of that period signals over 18,000 miles
could be readily reached. You know, a nail, some wire, some small
Solid State Junk and a headset for tuning to the strongest power set,
bet you all have tons of it laying around. Hmmm....... radio stations
of today aren't that good, of course limited by Fed. regulation.

Further for what it is worth, most of this stuff can be found on-line
by typing in Georges name or tree telephony etc...... Keep up the
good work and may you and yours and all those in the field have a
most wonderful holiday season and the up coming year bring peace and
joy around the world to all. Best Regards, Emmett L. Butler

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