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I had sent this to the list which was posted to all subscribers but it wasn't archived to the mailarchive list. For some reason the email for that list had disappeared from the subscriber directory and I have restored it.

I had sent a couple of test/ignores that never got posted to the archive even after several hours, but NOW, it is posting, so I want this to be included on the list for whoever might read it.

NOW it should reflect all posts sent to the list. Sorry for the duplication, life is seldom simple...what follows was the original post for which subscribers have a copy, so you can delete this one.
Welcome to all the new list members and a big hello to all the rest!

This list is currently at 296 members but used to be nearly 800 when eScribe was up.

Sorry, I've not kept up with the list and it turns out it has been nonfunctional since February when the last post was made.

Down over 2 months but I wasn't aware of it since traffic there is so light. I wrote Dan and he found a glitch which has been reset and it now functions again, so have at it if you have something you want to say.

The Interact list is private and goes to each subscribed member, HOWEVER, I also have it archived PUBLICLY (so that anyone can read the posts) at the mailarchive site. For many years, we used eScribe but they went down and haven't come back up, so had to find another archive and this is it.

I'll try to keep on top of it with at least occasional posts but I spend much of my online time digging up news items for KeelyNet.com and in answering emails.

There are a lot of intriguing things and items of interest which have escaped the list because I've just not sent them. Some are from emails, some from books I have or am reading or most from news items which are all archived on keelynet at;


Lots of intereresting reading sorted by the month and year, plus my almost daily updates of news items that I find of interest.

Some of the new subscribers have stated interests in;

1) Grebennikov and the insect wing structure that is claimed to deflect local gravity
2) the Bedini motor/charger
3) the Clem engine
4) radionics
5) Keely motor technology
6) fluid dynamics/tensegrity/wind generation, etc.
7) home power sources
8) free energy devices
9) references netwide to KeelyNet about FE
10) seawater distillation
11) Kirlian photography/biodynamics/alternative fuels
12) FE/OU
13) natural health/medical info
14) antigravity
15) water power to generate electricity
16) magnetism
17) Minto wheel
18) splitting water with sound
19) ORMUS (monoatomic elements)
20) extracting space energy
21) the Tesla car

and I see Warren York has moved to South Carolina!!! How long has that been???

Now these topics are found in many files on KeelyNet and there are many others on the net. Its nice to share other URLs webwide that might relate or offer insights or help if you happen to know any of them.

Just about everything I have is posted on KeelyNet though occasionally I get an email or an update which rightfully should be posted here if not actually built up into a page.

Some points of recent interest;

1) Duncan, editor of NEXUS, sent a note about a group located Leon, Guanajuato (Mexico) who has a 'free energy chip' that is claimed to extract electrical energy from the local space/time metric...they have a photo of a working model posted on their page (in spanish) but no details. See;


based on the work of Myron Evans. Also, Terry Bastian found a document describing the materials used as germanium, arsenic, gallium, quartz and silicon. But no details as to excitation or geometry...probably high voltage discharges and a pickup coil. Not clear if it is AC but I'll bet it is, which is rectified for DC and fed into an inverter to convert it to 110VAC @ 60hz which drives the two small AC fan motors in the photo. I am planning to contact them and arrange a visit if possible since it is about 200 miles from where I live in central Mexico.

2) An intriguing email suggesting/asking if the human body (and life in general) was a 'negative resistor'.

3) An email claiming a guy (via Duncan at Nexus) can take photos of past events which are locked into matter and that he can do this over any distance.

4) Another email (via Duncan at Nexus) claiming Mr. Gavin Dingley references, "Brown, T. Townsend, "Electrogravitational Communication System", US Patent No. 719,767, issued September 1956;" however, this patent does not exist in the Brown family files or exist as far as the patent office is concerned (the patent number is attached to an unrelated patent). Mr. Gavin Dingley has been unavailable through email. Three possibilities exist:

 1) It is an outright fabrication in order to sell his article,
 2) He is mis-informed as to the existence of such a patent, or
 3) The patent exists and has been removed from the public domain.

5) Bought a copy of Howard Johnsons reprint of his 'Secret World of Magnets' from Chenier Press. Shows his original fluxgate design as being an L shape, like a ring with other magnets perpendicularly mounted around one side, would look like a flange.

6) Bought both of the books by Leonard G. Cramp (Pieces of a Jigsaw and Cosmic Matrix). He describes his studies into UFO flight systems and describes his Syncomat engine that uses intense magnetic fields which he claims directly couple to the zpe/aether. Interesting book and I'm still thinking about it.

7) Constructed a 3 fluxgate (based on Bedinis design) railroad track about 5 feet in length with a little flatbed railroad car with 3 supermagnets hotglued to it. When the fluxgates are spaced correctly, you can give the little flatbed car a push and it will accelerate throught he hoops! Can't find my circular railroad tracks but want to continue this, now using the L shaped flange magnet fluxgate which Johnson says works so well.

8) I had bought some N40 supermagnets from Amazing Magnets and have been tinkering with them after a dream showing a self-running wheel...<lol>...stupidly used a bicycle wheel but the supermagnets lock to the wheel support spines, so working on plastic or copper spokes.

9) In the Cramp book Cosmic Matrix he prints a Unified Field theory which I'll see if its on the net, if not, I'll put it up as a page because it uses 'push gravity', as zpe/aether being a pressure that pushes everything together and explains gravity much better than the pull version.

10) Also in the Cosmic Matrix book, he has a photo and description of his magnetic ramp...many magnets laid parallel to each other...all north on one side, south on the other...then he uses what looks like a plastic flanged solder or wire spool with a soft iron core in it. When he puts this little spool on the track and gives it a little push, it continues to run the entire length of the track. No real power but its interesting and should be possible to do the circular track version. Other versions are the TOMI as posted on the magnetics anomalies page at;


11) Bought a copy of Niepers book on Revolution in New Technology. Some interesting points and claims. Nieper had the tachyon theory which is very similar to push gravity.

12) Have been tinkering with the remote controlled XUFO toy that has 4 fans centered around a gyroscope. Had seen the video of this German toy and was totally intrigued with the stability and precision of flight. Keep thinking it would be great as a full scale version to fly around, but having it, I see there are better ways. About 4 days after I got it, was flying it in the house and crashed which killed one of the fan motors. Finally found a loose solder connection which fixed it. Of course by then I had screwed up the calibration potentiometers...so have been trying to get it stable and this Thursday a friend and I were flying it, one of the RC Controls was super sensitive, so it was hovering about 5 feet off the floor, tilted and came straight at my face!!! Turned it off but too late, hit me and the blades cut me twice on the cheek, one an abrasion, the other a small bleeding cut. Even thought he 4 fan blades are plastic they will still cut so dare not grab it out of the air. Between that and my parrots claws on my arm (he knows not to bite me after), I'm getting kind of banged up...<rofl>...

Thats about enough of this...just wanted to say Hola and let everyone know the list was alive again as well as welcome the new subscribers. Feel free to post to the interact email address you received in your 'canned' welcome.

If you have any comments or additional information on any of this, please feel free to post it to the list so we can all check it out.

Nos vemos (seeya!)

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