Hola Trevor et al!

> Hi Jerry.  Those are some exciting topics. I would especially like to
> learn more about this guy..........
> 3) An email claiming a guy (via Duncan at Nexus) can take photos of
> past events which are locked into matter and that he can do this over
> any distance.
> Regards, Trevor

I never got a straight answer from him about whether it was psychic, radionic or what but he did say he could take actual photos.

I sent him a list of questions and the answers weren't all that clear. He claims he contacted NASA to try to get them to prove it out with him and they turned him down.

He says he has 'seen' and mapped treasures at a distance but I asked if he'd actually GONE THERE and dug them up to prove it, he said, not yet...hmmmm...

He says he doesn't want money or financing but has bought an RV (mobile home) to go harvest some of his finds.

I can't get him pinned down as to the technology and not exactly sure what he wants, he SAYS its not money so it might just be seeking fame.

But he refuses to give any details though he says he can 'teach' anyone to do this so I suspect it is some kind of remote viewing.

I told him he needs to GO TO THE SITES he viewed and dig out or verify what he saw is really there FIRST...so far he hasn't responded back.

So often the case with people making claims...when asked for proof they move on hoping I guess to find someone who will just believe them at the face value of the claim...uh-uh...never did, never will do that...a bit too religious for me...meaning faith in such claims just isn't there for me until I see it in hardware or proven beyond a doubt and REPEATABLE.

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