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There is an update to this...the guy NEVER wrote back...he KNEW he was lying about providing any support or EVEN CONTACT.... and SO full of crap, just trying to pressure me into changing what I post to fit his views. Both a Liar and a Loser...
I want to share an email I received....showing the kind of 'pressure' some people try to apply.

The very use of the term 'free exchange of information' is negated with what he wants in his email;

***, Tom wrote:
> Mr. Decker,
> I have for a number of years truly enjoyed your web site.
> I have financially contributed to you on numerous occasions
> and visited advertisers to help keep your site operational.

> I believe you provide a valuable service to the scientific
> community and especially to home experimenters.
> Lately however I have noticed a disturbing trend for
> you to post political references that are at the best
> popular tripe. A recent example is the Pravda article
> 04/10/06 - Why the United States will attack Iran in 2006
> <http://english.pravda.ru/topic/iran_nuclear-5/>.
> I cannot imagine someone who values the free exchange
> of information as much as you seem to supporting such
> views.
> Until I see a reversal of this trend, I shall withdraw
> all financial support from your enterprise.
> Tom ***

Hola Tom!

Thanks for your past support....so you think because I post a news item
that I support it as in believe what it says as fact?  Interesting.

I have always posted many things, mostly relating to
energy/health/invention/gravity, etc..., some of which I have very
little confidence in but which presented a view or claim worth noting.

From the inception of KeelyNet I had steered away from anything
political unless it impacted energy or alternative science...however, in
the last few years, with the US going downhill due to a very stupid
administration that uses paranoia mongering to infringe on our
constitutional freedoms, I have deemed it worth posting an occasional
article that refers to and points out some of these little 'didos'...

If it comes from Pravda so be it...but there are other sources that I
have posted, some which I think have merit, others not so much, but
still something people might be interested in reading.

This inclusion of the occasional item relating to politics (some that
impact energy/alt science) seems to work out just fine as the hits have
gone from 600 a day up to as many as 1500, though averages 1200-1400 a
day.  Unfortunately, donations and orders to help support KeelyNet
haven't achieved, let alone maintained parity with these numbers.

My memory and my records indicate you are confused about your having
contributed ANY support to KeelyNet over the years, I think you are
confusing KeelyNet with some other site that you might have supported in
the past.

I don't recall your name having ordered anything or ever making a
donation, though I could be in error...out of curiosity I even looked up
my records on PayPal and for book/tape orders using a credit card and do
not find your email address or name in either of those.

Sometimes people read their personal views into an item and get
themselves all riled up for what amounts to nothing.

I've never understood this and I try to remain balanced with the great,
GREAT majority of items on KeelyNet relating to technical matters when
news becomes available that others might find of interest as I do.

It is very easy to look at KeelyNet history to easily determine our
primary goals and focus, but if one or even a few articles don't fit
what you expect, I think its rather petulant of you to try to inflict a
change based on such small inclusions...you don't mention any of the
OTHER articles or files, singling out just this one to get upset about.

This does not bode well for why you are here in the first place, if
politics or mention of anything about it upsets you enough to claim past
support (that I can't verify) and future support, then I can do without
that kind of virtual assistance. What happened to the term 'free exchange of information' which you parrot?

If you had made contributions that I could track, I might 'weight' your
email with a bit more credence, but it appears you have an axe to grind
and want to change MY website to fit your views....ain't happening.

Thanks for whatever you think you contributed in the past, but until the
USA starts to get its act together, I will continue to post whatever
items catch my interest that I think most people would be interested in
reading...if not, they can SKIP that item unless they miss the entire
point and primary content of KeelyNet as technology and alternative
science with side interests that relate.

In that case, they don't need to be at KeelyNet because they are missing
the forest for the trees...quite literally.

I guess your financial support (which I cannot verify in the least) will just have to be 'withdrawn'....good luck!

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