A Flying Saucer does not have silicon type
spheres underneath, but metal ones.
They are 1-terminal capacitors.
Inside each sphere is a capacitor, that can be
changed from a 2-terminal capacitor into a
1-terminal capacitor. When in the 2-terminal
capacitor state, it is charged up to about 20,000
volts or less.
Then it is changed into a 1-terminal capacitor,
with the 1-terminal connected to the metal sphere
on the inside. The 1-terminal capacitor becomes
now the capacity of the metal sphere.
It is based on a practical application of a
problem, devised by Faraday, written up in the
physics books as impossible to do in practice.
The problem, if you went to High School:
Two concnetric metal spheres do not touch and
form a capacitor C. This one is charged up to a
potential V. Then the outside sphere is removed.
The remaining sphere is a 1-terminal capacitor c.
The potential on this sphere is momentarily:
C/c  x  V.
Difficult, if not possible to do with spheres,
which is the reason that the invention was
ridiculed and the inventor insulted up to four
months after the patent was granted. 
Let me quote from the patent:
If C = 1/10 Microfarad  (which is possible with
the design) and is charged up to a potential of
10,000 volts, the charge is 1/10 Coulomb.
When this capacitor gets changed into the
1-terminal capacitor ( a sphere of about 2
meters, with a capacity of about 100 pF ), the
resulting electrical pulse is about 100 million
Now, a Flying Saucer does not have to go this
potential to get lift-off, propulsion and at the
same time take power out of the air, unless they
would like to destroy a town like Sodoma or
Gomorrah. These "Angels" were human, who came in
a Flying Saucer.
Tesla had an electric car, with an 80 HP electric
motor, an antenna and some electronics. He drove
it all the way from New York to Buffalo and back
at speeds of up to 90 MPH. No gas.
Just like a Flying Saucer, he took power right
out of the air.
He refused to tell anyone how it worked, as he
realized, that the system could also be used to
give every home on earth free electric power.
He had designed the Niagara Falls Power Plant for
Westinghouse and the investors (Rockefeller and
Morgan) would have killed him.
He did not patent it, but I did. My poor wife,
reading all the letters of insult and ridicule,
was very upset about it and did not want me to
work on it, or she would have left me. She died
recently amd now I am starting to work on it,
slowly, as money is in short supply.
Initial experiment in 1967, zapped all the HiFi's
and TV's in the neighborhood (I fixed them all
for free, but did not experiment at home anymore,
as it also blew after a few seconds a big Power
Transformer on a pole 100 yards away, luckily a
Squirrel was blamed).
Next experiment in the "sticks" had me lightning
coming out of the clear blue sky, when I
connected the device with a dog-screw to ground,
and generated three pulses of 500,000 volts. 
Offered to Nasa's Propulsion Lab in Cleveland, it
was soldidly rejected by the engineers. "Thank
you for sending us a copy of your patent!"
Who needs a propulsion engineer, if we, when
using this system can be on the Moon in a few
hours or at Mars in a day or so, no matter where
they are located at the time, and all that
without barf-bags, heat-tiles, or ostoporosis?
I believe that they tried it a few years ago and
caused the big blackout in the USA and Canada,
blaming a poor, innocent tree.
They did not know about what precautions to take.
Any other experiment that you are working on is
just a novelty without any real desirable
Regards, Joseph H.

Knud Soerensen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> I have found the experiment I where looking for
> Now did anyone reproduce the effect ???
> Knud Soerensen wrote:
> >Hi
> >
> >I am working on a treatise about
> electromagnetism
> >and I am in that regard looking for simple
> experiments
> >which is not explained by Maxwell's equations.
> >
> >I ones read about an about one experiment
> >with a big air gab capacitor of round metal
> plates.
> >Then when a metal ball where placed in between
> the plates
> >and the plates where charge to some Kv the the
> ball started to rotate
> >between the plates.
> >
> >If anybody have any references on this
> experiment  I will be very happy.
> >
> >Knud
> >
> >ps.) Do you have a Internet server with ssh on
> >and do you think you life is to boring the
> send me a private mail.
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