Tivoed it, it was about murders, nothing on Perpetual Motion and Free


Jerry Decker - KN wrote:

> Hola Folks!
> The Discovery Channel documentary on 'Perpetual Motion and Free Energy'
> called 'A Machine to Die for' will be broadcast again on;
> http://www.exn.ca/onTv/daytime.asp?TZ=0
> Discovery Channel - 2-3PM - Wednesday May 3rd
> Finally got to view a copy of this (no thanks to the producer who
> promised copies to all of us).  I will correct this shortly and ensure
> we all get the promised copies (thanks to TM).
> I was perturbed to see credits included a couple of well-known con
> artists...lots of little picky things in the documentary that I plan to
> 'review' in a page.
> As usual, the same STUPID comments about 'energy from nothing'...where
> DO they get this idea and why do they continute to promote such
> nonsensical bullshit?  Its all about CONVERSION, not CREATION....
> See;
> http://www.keelynet.com/primer.htm
> for the straight story.
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