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Bob Nelson at Rex Research had sent a link to the Squire tree antenna patent and how it applies to the MagCap claims of extracting electrical energy from trees. The links are currently posted as news on keelynet.com and will end up in the May 2006 Archive for future reference.

That reminded me of the Tate power module which also claimed low voltage from ambient electrical energy. It turns out Bob Nelson has a great file on his site which even provides a circuit. Tate claims RF below 1mhz will produce as much as 2.1 volts but I didn't find a current rating (amps)...though he mentions milliwatts.

Now MagCap says there doesn't appear to be a limit to how many electrical taps you can put into trees...thats just parallel power taps but still it awakens interest in the idea though I do think its possibly a combination of ambient RF AND electrostatic DC taken from the earth/air differential.

Note MagCaps statement that they must clean the power...which sounds like rectification of RF for storage as DC.

Our friend George Wiseman at eagle-research.com years ago showed a simple circuit which would accumulate such aerial voltages from an antenna, enough to flash an LED or provide a small periodic electrical discharge, but it does have to accumulate. Check out this page for some of his intriguing work in this area;


"We start with radio and TV frequencies. The energy from these frequencies can easily be absorbed by various shaped antennas. This energy is available pretty well anywhere, but in any particular location you need to design antennas to absorb the type of energy available there. There are people who live near large transmitters that draw substancial amounts of power 'free'. You can learn more about this in the 'Free Energy Accumulator' document."
For the 'Home Improvement' Tim Allens among us who want 'MORE POWER'....there are the claims of a fellow about 5 years ago which report extracting considerable SUSTAINED power from a combination of doped electrets and long wire or large surface antennas over which wind blew though it would work with still air, the real power came from moving air or snow or particulates which appear to hold charge.

Much of our communications were written up and posted to the eScribe list which is unfortunately still down so that isn't easily accessible, however, the inventor did report his many experiments with doping agents including teflon to intensify the amount of power that electrets could accumulate. He even wrote up a file on it at;


So I wouldn't get all wound up about MagCap as something new or radical, though it is interesting, there is lots of information to show it has been done before as various versions.

Some people 'repackage' old ideas trying to gin up interest and link themselves into it...such is the case with the DeSeversky Ionic flight device which has been renamed 'lifters' with no reference to the original experiments and research. Though it has long been on KeelyNet as the DeSeversky original info at;


One company even went so far as to claim you could levitate heavy items and used those claims to draw investors who knew nothing about the history and capabilities of such ionic flight techniques.


Such people don't do their homework or consult with any person or website which would possibly shed light on the subject with which to allow them to make a determination of worthiness for investment.

At any rate, MagCap seems sincere in their claims though I don't think they have tested the true source of the power adequately, nor have they done research into 'prior art' that will negate their attempts at patents if challenged on it.

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