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Today I had probably the stupidest question asked of me, well, right up there in the top 3, that I've heard in my entire life.

I'll preface that this part of Mexico is kind of a community for retired people from the states and Canada, roughly 10,000 though it sometimes burgeons to 15-20,000 with snowbirds and tourists.

In trying to avoid most of that mess, I have 'gone native', living in a smaller, quieter town of mostly Mexicans where I can study and work quietly without a lot of surprise visitors or fiesta falderal heartily encouraged by the Catholic church.

The new computer system I had purchased had a problem with the monitor, so I had gone to nearby Ajijic to pickup a replacement which wasn't ready so went back to Chapala to swap out my 20 liter water bottles and have lunch at a local gringo cafe called Joses. I knew all but 2 of the people there so we talked and ate.

After about 30 minutes, along came a guy who lives a few kilometers from me. I know the guy as we've talked over the past two years that he has been here, so I THOUGHT he knew (and comprehended) what I was about and I knew what he had done and his interests.

To my absolute, mind numbing incredulity, after he had been at our table for about 3 minutes, he lights up a cigarrete and says, "So, what's happening in the PARANORMAL world these days?"

P-A-R-A-N-O-R-M-A-L mind you!!!

My jaw dropped, I had to take a deep breath and finally looked him dead in the eye and said, what the heck are you talking about, where did you come up with that?

He said well, isn't that what your website covers and isn't that your specialty?

Well, DUH...NO....but it was probably the sharpest analysis that he could make as do many who just glance over something without trying to understand ANY of it, so the first hook that catches their rheumy eye, thats what they hinge the entire website on...as the main topic and interest.

No doubt there are a lot of people here waiting for God, quite content to piss off the remainder of their lives sitting in the plazas or cafes swilling cokes, smoking cigarettes, drinking themselves into a stupor in the local cantinas and complaining about life in general.

I see it often, the rolled back whites of their eyes when something is presented to them that requires thought or countenance with a living, working brain.

It is understandable that maybe in their lives they had no interest or predilection for science or anything related to it, usually classifying it as too complex for their capacity, so when I see the dumbfounded look, I shut the heck up and revert to topics they can understand and empathize with.

There is a cadre of old guys who sit on the 2 foot garden walls watching the young girls go by. Most don't know it because few learn to speak any spanish, even after years here, but the local Mexican men call them 'pajaros muertos', meaning 'dead birds'...a joke referring to a bird that can no longer 'stand' on its perch....<lol>....there is much humor like that here and its quite amusing when used in the proper context.

There are a TINY FEW who do still have active minds but none like I had fortunately had and have as friends and associates in Dallas and other parts of the world. Alas, the price of paradise.

So you think why is this jerk writing this to the KeelyNet list?

Because of the complete lack of comprehension many people have to the subject of science and 'alternative science'. Painting it all with one wide brush and relegating it to UFOs, paranormal and 'weird science' that is half baked or has no validity in ANY FORM of proof.

This is clearly shown on the documentary some of participated in for the Discovery channel.

Thanks to our friend Tim (who I first met at the Tilley demonstration in Nashville), some of us have copies of the Discovery documentary called 'A Machine to Die for' and I have watched it a few times now, appalled at this SAME tendency of people to classify open minded, forward thinkers as crackpots and kooks.

The video goes into some of the science of it, then brings on toothless Hamel talking about UFOs from the planet Kladen along with a shot of his head bump 'implant', as well as Searl with his new slick graphics in his self deemed Commodore outfit for his airline!

Cold fusion researcher Dr. Edward Storms even sequed from the earlier technical parts over to those who are considered 'fringe'.

It was rather insulting as they clearly DON'T GET IT and probably never will. Historically, many people who pursue research interests outside orthodox thinking have been called crazy or misguided UNTIL THEIR RESEARCH YIELDS TANGIBLE RESULTS....then every jerk in the valley jumps on it, usually trying to steal it with the pundits and academic harlots saying they 'knew it all along'. Right.

I think I'll spend some time and build a page on a 'review' of this 'documentary' and the people and topics involved. Of the producer, I had SO CLEARLY asked him not to focus on 'perpetual motion' but thats all they talk about. At the very least, explain what it is in contrast to OVERUNITY which is the next step beyond a self-running device.

Though the video is timely with regard to the energy concerns of the last 30 years or so, the technology many of us study wasn't represented properly nor was it 'filtered' of the flakes out there like Hamel and Searl, plus at the end they actually credit at least two known conmen.

Certainly blows the credibility of everyone else by 'association'.

Ok, I'll shut downt this 'rant'....paranormal, mi nalgas!

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