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On zpenergy.com is a claim of a magetocaloric free energy device based on Maxwells Demon, interesting but I haven't seen that its been built to prove it.

I'd never heard of this magnetocaloric thing until years ago when my friend Jack Veach in Irving, TX told me about the effect being used to cool satellites in space with swept magnetic fields through ceramic cores to essentially milk the heat from inside to outside.

This article with a diagram is posted on the keelynet.com page until it cycles into the archive;

05/18/06 - DIY Maxwell's Demon Magnetocaloric Free Energy machine

You can build your own free energy machine if you want. It is observable and measurable. No faith garbage. It is an example of atomic science manifesting at a macroscopic level.

For your machine get two samples of magnetocaloric substance. One positive and one negative (one gets hot, one gets cold when exposed to magnetism). Put one in a box with a magnet.

Make a hole in the side of the box. Repeat this for your other substance. Now with two sensitive digital thermometers one in each box.

Join the boxes together so that the gas inside travels between the two. Sit and wait.

What happens is that one box gets hot the other cold. Not in a big way but by 2-3 degrees. It will then stay that way.

This setup is actually based on James Maxwell's thought experiment "Maxwell's daemon" Sadly he died before the magneto-caloric effect was found. Otherwise it would be a real world experiment. Any annoying skeptics bother you on free energy just tell them to run the experiment.

Or if you want to really put them in there place say: "Just look through this telescope, Your Holiness." Skeptics remembering Galileo will understand.

/ Supporting information; Magnetocaloric Refridgeration - Magnetocaloric materials change temperature in response to an applied magnetic field. The field supplied by a superconducting magnet cools a piece of solid gadolinium, which in turn cools water flowing around it.

Gadolinium has a magnetocaloric response twice that of iron, but Ames researchers Vitalij K. Pecharsky and Karl A. Gschneidner have found that alloys of gadolinium, silicon, and germanium show a response twice again as big.

The magnetocaloric effect depends on the way a material's atomic spins align themselves. All materials store heat in the form of atomic vibrations. An applied magnetic field forces the atoms into alignment, reducing the system's heat capacity and causing it to expel energy, which the water carries away. When the field is removed, the atoms randomize again and can absorb energy from their surroundings, creating a cooling effect.

Shull has modified a magnetocaloric material, gadolinium gallium garnet, by substituting iron for some of the gallium atoms. The addition of iron tripled the material's response to a magnetic field.
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