It seems like this waste-to-fuel company should probably get a little more time in the spotlight. After all, they're actually doing something that works. Biodeisel is just one of the plant's useful output products.

From their press room page:

"Changing World Technologies’ waste-to-oil subsidiary, Renewable Environmental Solutions, shipped more than 250,000 gallons (6000 barrels) of renewable diesel fuel in April 2006, representing approximately 30% of the plant’s capacity. The plant is expected to achieve full capacity in the near future.

CWT’s renewable diesel product enables local purchasers to offset the rapidly escalating cost of fuel which has disrupted normal operation for many companies.

The quantity of oil RES currently supplies to the market makes a small but significant impact in helping the U.S. to meet its energy needs, utilizing domestic, renewable sources. It is a step towards energy independence which helps reduce our country’s reliance on foreign suppliers, while creating an economically viable solution for the disposal of waste.

Changing World Technologies has been inundated with inquiries since the most recent feature about our company in the April issue of Discover magazine, which has followed the company’s development since 2003. We are tremendously encouraged by the continued high level of interest in our thermal conversion technology from many different sectors of the economy, the government and the general public. Although we are unable to respond directly to the volumes of queries we receive, we do appreciate the staunch support and hope that those who have reached out to us take encouragement in our ongoing progress.

We are most grateful to the city of Carthage, MO; the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and the State Attorney General’s office for working with RES to help ensure that our first commercial plant to utilize this promising new technology, which successfully converts low-value waste into high-value oil, is operated appropriately."

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