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Paul Carlson wrote:
> Hi folks,
> i went to see /*Peaceful Warrior*/ today (opening day) at the
> Magnolia Theater.  BTW, i really liked the film.
> While there, the trailer for this film, /*Who Killed The Electric
> Car*/ was played.  WOW!  This will be a film to see when it begins
> showing here.
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> Subject: Fw: UPCOMING FILM - Who Killed the Electric Car?
> Added Comment:  The only reason that our "problems" are not being
> solved is because there are "POWERS" that are determined to forever
> separate "a real solution" from a "profitable problem".
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> WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR? opens July 14 in Toronto and Vancouver!
> Press screening: Tuesday - July 4 - 10:00 am Fifth Avenue Cinemas -
> 2110 Burrard St. - Vancouver
> Who Killed the Electric Car? is a timely documentary that chronicles
> the life - and  mysterious death - of the electric car. The General
> Motors EV1 was among the fastest, most efficient cars ever built. It
> required no gas, no oil, no brake changes. Atypical maintenance
> checkup consisted of rotating the tires and replenishing the
> windshield washer fluid. So why did GM crush its fleet of EV1s in the
> Arizona desert?
> Narrated by actor Martin Sheen, this documentary marks the first
> feature written/directed by Chris Paine, who structures the film like
> a "whodunit."
> In 1996, electric cars were appearing on California roads. Drivers
> included actors Mel Gibson and Tom Hanks, thirytsomething star Peter
>  Horton and Baywatch babe Alexandra Paul, all of whom appear on
> camera to talk about the car that plugged in, recharging like a cell
> phone. Producing no exhaust, it met the California Air Resources
> Board (C.A.R.B.) mandate that 2% of vehicles sold in California be
> emission-free by 1998, and 10% by 2003.
> But by 2003, GM stopped renewing EV1 leases, repossessed the cars and
>  towed them for crushing. The C.A.R.B. also rescinded its
> zero-emission policy. Who was to blame? The film flushes out prime
> suspects, including consumers, oil companies, automakers, C.A.R.B.
> and the government.
> The film is both entertaining (actor Ed Begley Jr. gives the eulogy
> at a mock funeral, attended by those mourning the lost of their
> electric cars) and enlightening  Chris Paine takes a helicopter ride
> over Arizona, looking for EV1s' secret burial ground). Along with
> celebrities, those interviewed include engineers, politicians and
> industry types, as well as Chelsea Sexton, a former EV1 specialist,
> who continues to advocate for green cars.
> For more information, check out www.whokilledtheelectriccar.com. Who
>  Killed the Electric Car? is being released in Canada by Mongrel
> Media.
> - 30 - Press contact: Bonne Smith - Star PR - Tel: (416) 488-4436 -
> Fax: (416) 488-8438

Yes, been on my site several weeks now in at least two entries...did you
know GM is a big contributor to the Smithsonian?....and right before
this movie came out...the Smithsonian REMOVED their electric car exhibit
featuring an original EV-1, description of all the technology, etc...and
it had been up for YEARS....coincidence...methinks not...

They better get on the bandwagon, future vehicles will ALL BE
plugins...in fact, over time, I foresee inducting loops of thick wire
buried in your driveway/garage, etc...and identical loops on the bottom
of your car...

Meaning it works like a transformer...no plugging necessary, just park
over the spot and it starts charging.

Years ago, you might remember Dr. Raymond Phillips?  He had the free
energy circuit demo he gave us all in Terrell...he told me he had
invented a means to INSTANTLY CHARGE ANY BATTERY...can you IMAGINE what
this would mean to commerce and industry as well as consumer devices.

Darrell Deck tried to get a copy of the video I made hoping it would
catch Dr. Phillips admitting to this...he said Hal Puthoff and some
investors had given Phillips $5000 with only a verbal agreement and
Phillips wasn't playing anymore...so they wanted to take him to court
and sue to get a major piece of the rights to this.

I never saw the technology for the battery charging nor did Phillips
give me any hints as to how it would work....but I think it has
something to do with resonating the sulphur molecules in battery
acid...based on some things he said on the side.

Anyway...though the current future appears to be plugin cars that just
recharge batteries...there is a variation of this in the form of
hydrogen generators where you have either a generation/storage system in
your garage and simply refuel when you need it, or an onboard method
where your car uses electricity from your house to generate
hydrogen...only problem is it takes about 2-3 days to charge up enough
to run the car for about 200 miles...

Of course, with more electrodes and bigger systems you could make a
helluva lot more hydrogen.

Nothing, NOTHING beats the claims of Keely, of using acoustic chords in
a spherical chamber to instantly explode 3 drops of water to produce
29,000psi...thats like dynamite in a tank and you just leak the pressure
into an airmotor or directly into the cylinders of any internal
combustion engine...it is the Holy Grail of mechanical propulsion.

However, the DREAM propulsion and energy generation technique will be
the biasing of the local aether/zpe 'quantum foam' so that it coheres
like a laser to produce a unidirectional force...it will be pure magic
and provide flight, propulsion and energy...see;


These futures could be NOW with financing to investigate these
techniques...and as you know, I have tons of information and
correlations offering projects/experiments that could change the
world...alas, few 'get it'....and I'm not a marketing guy nor do I know
rich folk with sufficient empathy, honesty and trust for improving the world to do it.

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