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Because this includes an anecdote, I'm posting it to the discussion list;

Robert Nelson wrote:
> Hi Jerry:  Here's the new radar patent application:
> Radar system using RF noise
> US20060012513
> Publication date: 2006-01-19
> Inventor: WALTON ERIC K (US)
> Robert Nelson

Added the link to the article for update tonight...totally fascinating device...no interference with other signals!!!

Storytime...years ago, I was at one of the late Dean Stoniers Global Sciences Congresses in Denver.....David Fasold (Noahs Ark) was there and we'd hit it off...I think it was a year when I was there with Ron Barker, a friend from Dallas.

A table of us got together, roughly 12 people including Dean, David and Ron. Two guys walked in and pulled up chairs to join us, but none of us knew them...I thought they were friends of David...I had been asked a lot of questions so was discoursing on a few things and correlating them with 'formal' science.

One of the two new guys started asking some very interesting and technical questions which I answered...he nodded his head as he could see the correlations now...

At this big table, he asked what I was doing at such a conference and said I seemed to know a lot about science and pulling all this stuff together to make sense...it was an odd thing to say and everyone got quiet listening to us.

The guy then asked if I would like a job..I asked doing what...he said going around the world to conferences like this and writing up reports of the various presentations in scientific terms as much as possible...they would pay for everything...

I asked who were 'they'....he pulled out his business card and gave it to me...Thompson with the DIA!!! What the EFF???

He then introduced us to his friend who was with Naval Intelligence...he said various government agencies routinely send people out to these conferences looking for potential breakthroughs that might be useful but often don't understand what is being presented since its not orthodox science.

As you can imagine, everyone at the table was AGHAST..as was I...and flattered too!!! I asked him if I took the job, could I talk or write about what I found at these conferences..he said, well, no...you would simply attend, interface, interview and report back to the DIA...

I thought about it and said no thanks, it was a bit too spooky for me...he just laughed and said it happens every now and then, where they hire people to act as reporters and translators for them...that they often didn't have a clue what most of these presenters were talking about with such unusual terminology as scalars and such, so when they found someone who could translate they tried to hire them.

He was a very personable guy and later, we talked about 2 hours privately...he is the one who told me his next 'stop' was to see Professor Nunnelly at the University of Texas at Arlington who had been working with switched quartz to produce tens of thousands of frequencies at the same time..much like a spark gap generator....that the government was concerned becuase his work would completely obviate the new Stealth radar invisibility technology because it would 'paint' a picture of anything with these frequencies...

He invited me to meet with him and Dr. Nunnelly where he would contact me when he got into town...he never contacted me...and I never heard anything about Nunnelly.

He told me some agencies wanted to pull the plug on Nunnelly's work because of the billions invested in the Stealth/Aurora industries and research...and his agency was trying to help shield the guy.

Anyway, it was interesting to see the look on everyones faces, including mine, when this guy made such an offer...no qualms, not timidity, just asked it outright like it happens everyday...<lol>...

Often wonder what path my life would have taken had I accepted his offer. Don't know what happened to the card he gave me but showed it around for 'braggin rights' for a few years after. And Dean Stonier referred to the event often when we'd talk.

Thanks for the patent info, the 'noise radar' is an application so far and not yet granted as a patent but still, he says he can build them for less than $100!!!

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