Robert, Privately to you,
I do not think the Fluxite patent will work in practice.
When I found in 1967 how a Flying Saucer works, and how they get power out of 
the air, like Tesla did with his electric Pierce Arrow in 1931, I was 
flabbergasted. It was so simple.
These metal spheres under a Flying Saucer are Monopole High Votage Generators.  
I invented that after remembering  seeing a Flying Saucer  when I was a little 
kid and realizing that these spheres were the Levitation/Propulsion/Power 
Suystem. By generating a high potential of positive charge, they attract a 
negative charge wich happens to be electrons, electricity, which is used to 
manipulate the machine..
When I went to 500,000 volts, by connecting the output of my generator to 
ground, I got a lightning stroke, scared the daylights out of me and some dogs 
that were coming to investigate me and set fire to the tree under which I was 
Tesla refused to divulge how his electric car worked, as he realized, that the 
system could be used to give every dwelling on earth free electric power. 
Rockefeller and Morgan, who financed the Niagara Falls Power Plant would have 
killed him. He did not patent it.
I did. It was even a few years later that I learned about a fellow by the name 
of Tesla. Rockefeller and Morgan had his name expunged from the physics Books. 
If I can get free power (a lightning stroke), with a little bit less effort I 
can get power out of the air, to activate a heater or electric motor. I offered 
the invention to Canada as a birthday present and got rewarded with letters of 
ridicule, insults and derision up to four months after the patent was granted. 
The Nasa Engineers at the Cleveland Propulsion lab were aghast. Who would need 
them, if we could fly to the Moon in a few hours or to Mars in a day or so, and 
all that without barfbags or osteoporosis.
My poor wife, reading all the letters was very upset about them and the $10,000 
I had spent on getting the patents. Even though Dr. Kahn of the Hudson 
Institute told my Patent Lawyer, that it would be worth at least $600 Billion 
if the US would have it before Russia and my Patent Lawyer told me that I would 
probably get the Nobel Prize, my wife was dead-set against me to work on this 
invention or she would have divorced me. Love won. She passed awy last year and 
now I am working on it again.
First free energy for homes. Then the Electric car. Then the floating Car, 
something our poor troops in Afghanistan would love to have. US Navy and USMC 
were not interested. Then a real Space Ship.
I suspect that the guys at Cleveland tried it a few years ago and, not knowing 
about precautions to take, blew a big transformer station
in Cleveland to Kingdom Come and causd the big black-out, blaming a tree (Must 
have been a Canadian Maple).
I am getting some people interested and some money will be coming my way to 
develop the over 1000 appliactions that I have found so far, as soon as I have 
the time to do it in my 91 Caravan CV, which has mostly metal on the inside. 
Regards   Joseph Hiddink        [EMAIL PROTECTED]

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