Hello everyone,

Joseph Hiddink is the real deal Tom and Carole and he is not telling a ficticious story, he is telling
a true story. This story is by no means over yet either.

Joseph lives very close to me (a fifteen minute drive by car). In fact he lives right around the corner
from my where Grandmother used to live (48 Hills Rd. Ajax, Joseph). I heard of Joseph originally
through my mother. Joseph has his own piano tuning business and my mother needed her piano
tuned and Joseph did a wonderful job. He told her his truthful stories while working on my mother's
piano. My mother told me bits and pieces of what she understood about Joseph and what he had
to tell. She knows I am interested in these things.

I got up the nerve to call him one day and left a message on his machine. I think it was the next day
that Joseph called me back. We had a very interesting conversation for at least an hour.

We all know what has happened to people over the years that have worked with this technology.
They and their families have been threatened and several people have been killed. The oil
industry still has alot of profit left in it to be made in case you hadn't noticed. The people that
"really control" this industry are some of the most powerful people on the planet, they will not
let someone so easily take one of their main sources of revenue away from them.

So if your expecting Joseph to show you his drawings or reveal his true secret, guess again.
He is no fool. He has left an important detail out of his patent (as all smart designers do).
As he told you, his work continues and people are interested. We will see it eventually,
I am sure of it.

Joseph, if you read this, the offer still stands. I will help you whenever you need help. I believe
in what you are doing and I have hope for a future where we are not controlled as much by
the people who seek to keep us as slaves for their own personal gain. This technology
has been suppressed long enough. We just have to be extremely careful how we get it out.

Take care everyone,

Kyle Claringbold
Plant 22
Ext: 7568

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