its called grey matter no grey cells dah

Stuart Rae <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

tomkar wrote:

> Lovely story, ---no experiment with real drawings, pictures, results, one
> point on a graph, anything
> No one can build one if encrypted reality is all he's got. Same old
> story.
> Tom and Carole

That's a rather stupid and thoughtless thing to say.

Were you so unobservant that you failed to notice Mr Hiddink had
inadvertently posted to this forum, what he thought was a private e-mail
to My Paddock ?

And if you had two spare grey cells to rub together, you would know that
Mr Hiddink is the inventor of the "Capacity Changer", which is fully
documented and described in his 1978 Canadian patent number 1043434.

A quite remarkable and brilliant invention, which uses the switching of
a gas discharge capacitor, to create a very high voltage on a outside of
a single plate spherical capacitor. It doing so, it uses the same simple
principle of charge displacement observed by Faraday in his "ice-pail

Stuart Rae

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