Jerry, thank you for allowing me to subscribe. I have much to post! I've searched the site and I can't discover how to start a new thread. I wish to post information on how I've doubled my gas mileage(!) with a few simple gadgets, my experiments with hydrogen as a fuel for cars and my discovery at Coral Castle in Lakeland, Florida. I hate to ask, but I'm lost. What do I have to do to start a thread? Thanks so ever much, Phillip W. Mark, Ocala, Florida phone: 352.286.3372

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Hola Folks!

I want to apologize for being so slow to get all the new subscription requests signed up. I would ask that if you have not yet read the guidelines for members of this list, that you do so at;

as I really don't have the time or patience to deal with people who are here only to create mischief or spam the list. Simply follow the guidelines and we'll all play well together in this little internet sandbox. Thanks!

Unfortunately, I have to filter subscriptions as there are lots of troublemakers on the net who just don't 'get it'...

As you might know, if you monitor KeelyNet, we had a serious storm here in central Mexico, (its the rainy season), that knocked out the TelMex phone system in several pueblos. They managed to get a crippled version working for businesses but over a month now and they don't have us all back to normal.

I caught a repairman working on a central phonebox and asked him if there were line problems in this area....despite his holding a STACK of workorders, he said no. He asked what was my problem and I said my prodigy connection kept dropping...immediately he says you need to call prodigy...BS...(pass that buck)...

Told him I've been on it 5 years at this address with only one problem and it was a faulty cable connection that was fixed within 3 days of the call. Then he says I needed to buy a new modem for my computer and be SURE to buy JUST the modems from TelMex as they are 'better quality' modem is only a year old. I did buy a new MOTOROLA modem from a local computer store...installed it and the line noise still caused it to drop more often than usual or have bad/slow access to the net.

Called them to turn in a repair call...guy calls me back and I tell him its noise on the line...they did do something as its a bit better but nowhere near the realiability before when I could leave it connected for 12-15 hours straight with no disconnect. Manana (maybe tomorrow, maybe next week, maybe next year, just NOT NOW), is the rule I've been fighting with that and trying to keep KeelyNet updated with interesting news, plus other research on the net.

And on top of that, I somehow got COLITIS which has been incredibly painful and going on for a week...finally with lots of pills, pain and patience the swelling is down and I think its getting better thanks to the Cruz Roja and a local Doctors prescriptions.

Never had anything like this happen to me, so it scared the heck out of me as I feared some kind of intestinal rupture which you can DIE from...I'm not ready for that yet...and if I HAVE TO GO...I can think of a lot more pleasant or interesting ways to die.

So I haven't been feeling up to fighting the net connection and, as a result, my emails are horribly stacked up but I do plan to answer all that I don't miss.

Of course the buzz these days is Steorn...they might have something but odd that none of the scientists they claimed verified it will stand up and identify themselves...and odd that they would advertise in the Economist and not a peer reviewed science journal or at least provide details so that many could duplicate and verify there claims. Something smells on this one.

Its much like the Tilley claims saying they had verification but only from THEIR people. And we know they turned out to be bogus. I'm told their website is no longer in existence but I haven't checked it out yet.

I love it that a spaceport is being planned for Texas...the other one is in New Mexico but the one in Texas plans to have rockets that take off and land vertically, just like the old sci-fi movies!!!

Wouldn't they just flip if we could offer them a way to REDUCE the weight of their ship with fuel? It would open up space and new transportation like nothing since the invention of the wheel. We HAVE the keys to it and some people I am in touch with claim they can do it at will...but only one that I have confidence in...none will provide details to verify it, but with funding in a lab environment, I am told they might sign on for an R&D project.

If you know me or have read a lot of files on KeelyNet, you know my SOLE DREAM in life is to setup a research lab here in a rancho with some land, setup some private casitas for team members and work on a raft of interesting inventions and claims...with the intent being absolute, reproducible proof...we would sell it to the highest bidder as proprietary information, unpatented, etc...and let them secure protection and do with it what they will.

One thing that Tilley came up with is a rider to his contract REQUIRING the buyer to have products on the market within a few years of the purchase OR the full technology REVERTS back to the seller and the seller keeps whatever has been paid...this INSURES that no company or government who bought the technology could legally suppress it.

I think that is just the coolest way to keep new discoveries from being hidden away, by the use of LAW.

I had a dream Tuesday night, the most VIVID and REAL in my entire life...somehow a Saudi prince had been shown a webpage I wrote up with this lab proposal offering 25% return of any sales of ANY discovery we made...purely business.

In the dream they asked if we could meet, so their entourage flew in to Guadalajara and we met in a big conference room...I told the prince up front, that I would NOT BROOK micromanagement or any interference...he agreed and said their sole interest was making money. Better I should quote what I wrote to a long time group of friends, than me rewriting it;

Hola ****!

Man, I've been directing my dreams by imagining my lab with buckooos of money...I think it was Tues or Wed night I had a very vivid dream where a Saudi prince had flown to Guadalajara after his people read a webpage I wrote explaining what all I could do (with a talented team) and how much it would take.

In the dream, his entourage had flown to Guad just for this meeting...we met in a big hotel...I remember his thin face...he was wearing glasses, short and in casual business attire, as were his people...

He told me in the dream that his people and country were fully aware that their oil reservoirs were dwindling and they needed to invest in other ventures NOW while they had the money, than wait til it was too late and there was no more oil.

He assured me they did not wish to revert back to a desert 3rd world country and said that was why their government had been so actively trying to lure tourists especially with the new Dubai artificial islands.

He said they wanted a combination Disney, Las Vegas, New York experience where people from all over the world would spend their tourist dollars.

But that was not enough, as their people had grown accustomed to the easy profits from oil.

That in MY CASE, he said they were intrigued by the possibility of the Hydralloy as well as other energy producing methods and thought I had something with the explanation that local gravity could be reduced.

He said IF I and my team could come up with this, the licensing profits would be immense and span many years because every spaceship and transport vehicle would be using my gravity reduction device to lower fuel costs, make flying and space travel easier. As well any energy generation system that beat out gasoline and didn't pollute or cause mischief in the process.

So they wanted to know how much money it would take.

I told him I hated micro-management and would not brook anyone snooping in or trying to control my activities or the direction of the lab experiments.

That had to be clear up front. He said not a problem, their sole interest was making money.

I then explained the 25% payback on the profits from ANY invention we came out with. He said his group was fine with that.

Their lawyers drew up papers, I had them checked for no possibility of ripoff and signed.

Next thing, the dream changed and I was in a complete tizzy buying up property, contacting people with offers of work and research, dragging you, *******, **** and a few others into it for expanded efforts..hell, I knew I couldn't do it all.

I had bought the property in Ixt and part of the huge warehouse was being renovated for living quarters for me with some guest rooms...and an architectual firm was drawing up plans for my house, the private casitas and the lab itself.

I remember how I had all these notes and was asking a lot of questions for advice and hiring people to take over the details while I stayed on the big topics.

In the dream, there was NO LIMIT to what I could spend and the number 100 million I vaguely remember.

The best part, was the no was a pure business deal of 25% with 5 years to do as I wished...and must provide results within that time.

I did agree to monthly updates on commercial projects and the lab activities, but nothing technical...and the prince agreed as spelled out in the contract, saying they had no interest or understanding of technical matters, only money from the sale and use of them.

I've never had a dream like that as it was so EXPLICIT and VIVID...not sure if it was due to my presleep imaginations of what I saw for the future as influencing the dream or whether it was the pills for my colitis..<lol>...I don't think it was the pills.

Anyway, it was a remarkable thing I don't think I'll soon time goes on and we all get older, I want to make some positive differences in the world before I kick the bucket. Maybe this colitis thing scared me to cause the dream...don't know but it was most interesting. And you KNOW rejuvenation and healing will be a part of the projects for SURE.

One thing the dream seemed to be telling me....HOW DID THE SAUDI PRINCE FIND OUT ABOUT WHAT I WANTED TO DO?

In the dream, he said some of his people had been looking on the web for novel investments that would be both beneficial to the world and make a lot of ongoing income streams....and my list of potential products with the basic explanations behind them, they had found on a webpage on the net.

Unfortunately, I don't recall him saying what website it was?? Was it KeelyNet or the new Vanguard page or something else?

So I think I WILL write up such an investment troll article and post it to BOTH SITES in hopes something like this would happen. Of course not revealing any details, just what it could lead to.

I thought at first, what a friggin traitor to let the Saudis buy into any of this....but the nature of the deal is simply an investor who gets a straight 25% and no control in any way of the activities of the lab or myself....and the investment would result in many new technologies that other companies and governments would want to buy and market to the world. So everyone would benefit on a global about megalomania...<lol>...

It still boggles my mind at the details in this was SO CLEAR...and I think, as with such things, it was to tell me something...that I needed to write up that page so that it WILL BE SEEN and comprehended by the business savvy.

Will see.

Nos vemos y bueno suerte!
The above is what I wrote a longtime, trusted group of associates and friends. If you haven't yet seen 'The Secret', I heartily recommend you acquire a deals with 'the law of attraction' and explains it in a kind of physics way...that we are essentially energy and thus connected to everything else, so we can INFLUENCE our surroundings to benefit our lives.

Though they didn't get into many things in the movie, I loved the part dealing with resonance and how we transceive information and energy on many when we concentrate or focus on negative things..(War on Terror, War on drugs, etc..) we GIVE ENERGY to those things and help create MORE by this strengthening.

Sure, read the news and keep aware of the world around you, but DON'T OBSESS or become fanatical about them as you are adding to the problem...instead, channel your thoughts and desires towards the things that will benefit you and yours.

As the good things take over, the bad things are pushed out of the picture until they are so minimized that they exist no longer.

Sounds like New Age gobbletygook...just SEE THE MOVIE if it plays near you or you can get a copy from the net. 'The Secret'

Ok, lessee, apologies for slow subscriptions, and emails, the dream, the Secret and thats about it for this email.

Again, welcome new members and feel free to start a topic/thread or add to any that exist.

Nos vemos (seeya!)

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