Lets hear the gas tips!

      I have some interesting concepts about hydrogen as a fuel source, but not really as a combustion product though. I was thinking more of high energy plasma. Hydrogen is very polar and is somewhat influential via a strong magnetic field.

     How do they keep the gas tank which houses the hydrogen from accidentally exploding? The flame speed of hydrogen is about 8 feet per second with the proper combustion conditions met. I know that gas when burning is very hot too. It used to be used in welding. I have seen alot of burtn cars before on the side of the road. I wonder what they will look like with a hydrogen fire?


               Robbie LeBaron

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Subject: [Keelynet] I've doubled my gas mileage
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>>Jerry, thank you for allowing me to subscribe. I have much to
>>post! I've searched the site and I can't discover how to start a
>>new thread. I wish to post information on how I've doubled my gas
>>mileage(!) with a few simple gadgets, my experiments with hydrogen
>>as a fuel for cars and my discovery at Coral Castle in Lakeland,
>>Florida. I hate to ask, but I'm lost. What do I have to do to
>>start a thread? Thanks so ever much, Phillip W. Mark, Ocala,
>>Florida phone: 352.286.3372

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