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Norman is still around, busy as always and living on his ranch in Waco.

As I understood it at the time, the people who actually owned the 2 EV Gray motors shown at the conference sold them to someone I think in Canada. The problem I think was the power tube, but you'd have to ask Norm about all the details.

Perhaps he'll provide us with all the details and current status of the motors.

There appears to be a company in Australia who has a very similar technology which was reported in KeelyNet news last year I think. I did a search and found the three brief article from the archived July 2005 files;

07/30/05 - Another report on the Welsh engine

(Thanks for the URL Nick! - JWD) IMP has been working on the development and optimisation of a high torque, low speed silent electric motor which was launched to great acclaim in Hanover in April this year. IP Wales has given IMP help with taking out a patent for a new design of a 5-stage high torque electric motor. The motor has no brushes, making it ideal for use in the petrochemical industry and other sectors where sparks present a hazard - meaning it has a huge functional advantage over competitors products. The motor design offers several other important features, which include full torque from 0 rpm, and no gearbox is required. The motor also has 100 per cent speed control with the motor only taking power as and when required. IP Wales has given IMP help with taking out a patent for a new design of a 5-stage high torque electric motor. This will be extended to cover not only the UK but also mainland Europe, USA and Hong Kong.

07/29/05 - Revolutionary new Welsh Electric Motor

Imagine an electric car that produces hardly any noise, no air pollution, and is as fast as a Ferrari. As well as high performance vehicles, there are plans for a battery-powered family car with a range of hundreds of miles. The motor is revolutionary in that it contains no bulky permanent magnets. Instead it relies on transmitting electric pulses across up to seven rotors, arranged in different phases. These are "fired up" in turn, much like the pistons of an internal combustion engine. There are no gears - the motor provides enough torque at one revolution per minute to put a vehicle into motion - and it spins at up to 2,500rpm. "Size for size, we can provide 400% more torque than any type of motor currently available," says managing director John Bryant. At present, providing enough battery life is a problem. But battery technology is improving all the time, and Mr Bryant does not see it as a major obstacle.

07/29/05 - Is this Welsh motor the 'new' EV Gray motor?

The control unit, acting in a manner similar to that of a distributor in an internal combustion engine, regulates the spikes, determines their polarity (whether they be north or south) and directs their power to selected electro-magnets in the main unit.
While this occurs, the recycle/regeneration system is recharging the batteries with 60 to 120-amp pulses. The electro-magnets are located on both the rotor and stator of the large motor. Attraction and repulsion between the two sets of magnets causes the motor to operate and generate horsepower. Note: EV Gray used 3 phase, the Welsh motor is using 7 phase.
All the EV Gray information with many other related items has been compiled into George Moonhies eBook called "High Voltage and Free Energy Devices" which can be downloaded for $15 at;


I think its a rather good book because it gives a lot of experimental details and insights for those working in this field.

There was a note at ZPEpower that Peter Lindemann is about to come out with his 2nd videotape, though I don't think they've been able to duplicate any of the work he first announced at the conference. Specifically a working power tube based on Teslas unidirectional current experiments.

John W. Williams II wrote:

Hi all,

I purchased the 2001 TeslaTech video of Norman Wootan talking about the history of the EV Gray motors. I was wondering if anyone on this list (like Jerry Decker) might know what ever happened to Mr. Wootan's project?

I created a wiki entry for him over at PESWiki.com. Just curious what fate befell his project to set up a machine shop and tinker with those motors, as we're now in 2006 and have never heard a word more from him?

I'm just getting into the Free Energy field, and happy to see all the great web resources people have put up to share info.

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