Hello, I know my questions are on simple stuff, but not being but a curios and 
pragmatic person I focus on more 'natural' stuff, so, anyone on this list has 
had any experience on building and using, a Polarity Cycler [Lee Crock, 
Mexistim] type of device?

A friend of mine says that 3 volts DC is too little because an electrical 
discharge above 40 volts is needed to 'feel' electricity.

I told him that maybe the explanation given by Lee and Jerry is not the correct 
one and that we all are looking at a very very simple device of the kind that 
works under yet unknown laws of the human body.

I am convinced and will assemble one and will report to this list my findings. 
Already have some people ready on line to act as guinea pigs, and me being near 
57 I am in first place of the cue to try it myself of course! Might not go down 
4 sizes but a couple will be more than enough.

I am amazed and very enthusiastic about the wealth of information on the 
internet on devices that can heal and be of use to us, and am willing to try 
those that can be built on a shoestring, like some CSE devices, which is more 
than my bank account has at the time. Actually I have no bank account.

Anyway, I hope to get some feedback from the list, thanks!
Raul Q.
ps: where in Mexico do you live Jerry?

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