Thanks Dave and BuddyRay, yeah he he he!, obvios, wet makes the difference, we 
all know that. A kid just die from holding an electric line pole 'tensor' here 
in Monterrey [MX], the kind that go down diagonally from the top, when raining 
yesterday or so. Phone lines carry about 5 volts except when ringing, then I 
understand it goes up somewhere near 40v.

In the Polarity Cycler, if there is no direct contact and the distance from the 
grid to the body is suggested between 2 and six inches with only 3 volts, well, 
I'm not expert but understand he is reluctant to belive it can 'flush the 
cells', that is why I said maybe there is something in this device we still 
don't understand. With all the electronic medical aparatus these days, like we 
expect complex stuff, don't we?

So, anyone has tried this simple device that could throw some light? and then 
Lee's device has a special circuit that "tunes" the flux with the electricity 
of the cell. Is that so? What is this value?

Is there a great difference between using an aluminum or a copper mesh?

Thanks again cheers!

At 07:06 PM 7/9/2006, you wrote:
>Try a car battery.
>--- Dave Narby <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> Ask him to put anywhere from 9-39 volts on his
>> tongue...  I guarantee 
>> he'll feel it!
>> Raul Quintanilla wrote:
>> > Hello, I know my questions are on simple
>> stuff, but not being but a curios and pragmatic
>> person I focus on more 'natural' stuff, so,
>> anyone on this list has had any experience on
>> building and using, a Polarity Cycler [Lee
>> Crock, Mexistim] type of device?
>> >
>> > A friend of mine says that 3 volts DC is too
>> little because an electrical discharge above 40
>> volts is needed to 'feel' electricity.

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