Gordon Wadle (of tree-power fame) hasnt yet been issued an application for 
that, but he does have another that is intriguing:

United States Patent Application  20060083931
Wadle; Gordon ;   et al.  April 20, 2006
Deflecting magnetic field shield

Abstract --- The present invention concerns a shielding material for a magnetic 
shield containing coal slag; silver powder; a mixture of calcium powder, 
magnesium powder, and zinc powder; and silica powder. The shielding material is 
in powder form. In another embodiment, the present invention contemplates 
adding nano-silver to the shielding material. The present invention is based on 
the concept that the magnetic field is actually "deflected" away from the area 
shielded. This is possible in view of the shielding materials used to produce 
the magnetic shield. 

This might have application in the Ecklin and Gary motors in particular, and 
magnet motors in general...

Do I smell "free energy" here?

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