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Had a good laugh at this one. Remember this which was posted in early November 2005???

# 2005/11/09 [Keelynet] Gas boosters - naptha, moth balls, toluene, methanol and more Jerry Decker - KN

which talked about using mothballs to increase mileage?

Well, some guy in Irving, Texas must have picked up on it because two months later, in January 2006, a new pyramid scheme company called BioPerformance started selling mothballs under another name and the guy raked in nearly $900,000 to date.

The article below is dated May 25th and says 5 months ago was when BioPerfomance went public which would be January.

BUT, the Feds busted them and he is in deep doodoo. Check out this article in the Dallas Observer;


Geez, what I could do with that money, but not through a scam.

Mothballs do work if you do it right, but mislabeling them and jacking the price up plus using a pyramid scheme isn't the way to go with it, at least for me.

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