camphor is another one tar camphor =napthalene
available at the chemist here in New Zealand it comes in large cube's
tried it got 26 miles gallon s probably used to much I'll try some mothball's

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Hola Dave et al!

It all comes down to are you confident enough to risk your engine? A friend in Dallas tells me he hasn't been able to FIND napthalene mothballs despite hunting in 5 stores...they have mothballs but they are all benzene.

Thats odd...months ago I finally found a box here in Mexico that cost me $9.00US for about 100 balls....later I found out the ferreteria (hardware stores) sell them in plastic bags at $1.20 for 20 balls and they call them pelotas de naptalene.

I have a big glass jar full of them now and notice as time goes on, they are dissolving to a crystalline powder form at the bottom...thats interesting...must be the fumes breaking down the structure.

I don't drive enough miles here to really, REALLY test them out but do notice my gas costs are less when I use them and I get something like 5-10 miles more per gallon depending on where I go. Living in the mountains, it varies.

As for acetone, I've seen how it dissolves rubber and plastic so wouldn't put it in my engine. Neoprene proof or not...I couldn't afford a rebuild...

Dave Narby wrote:
Hi Jerry et. al.,

I took a look at the article on acetone being banned in Vietnam and there are at least a couple factual errors there... Firstly, most seals in the fuel delivery system of a gas powered vehicle are neoprene, not rubber. Secondly, acetone is definitely NOT a chemical used in gasoline formulation.

Think about it - why would the petroleum companies want to put something in your gas that INCREASES fuel economy?

They DO put things in which DEGRADE fuel economy...  Like ethanol!

Ethanol is ostensibly added to decrease auto emissions - which it DOES... Something on the order of 5-10%. However, ethanol added to the gas (E10) DECREASES FUEL ECONOMY 10-15%... So there is a NET GAIN in emissions as a result of using ethanol - as a result of MORE GAS BEING BURNED.

I'm sure the Oil Lords laughed all the way to the bank when they passed THAT particular law.

Dave Narby

Jerry Decker - KN wrote:

Hola Dave et al!

NEVER USE ACETONE in an will mess up the seals, gaskets, has been outlawed in the Phillipines...refer to the recent news
article on KeelyNet about it DESTROYING engines.

Toluene, yes...

Mothballs, YES if you don't use too many...I have been using 1:4 in my
1996 Ranger for nearly 4 months now....was getting from 18-22mpg, with
mothballs, I get around 30-35mpg!!!  And it runs better than ever, has
more power and I can climb the mountains on my weekly trips to nearby
towns.  Been to Goodyear twice and they said the motor is in very good
condition for a 1996.

The problem is some people use WAY TOO MANY mothballs....the original
recommendation was 1 ball for 4 gallons...thats what I've been using.

They will carbonize the engine if you use too many and require repairs.

I think you have that wrong about the tailgate DOWN degrading
mileage..its running your pickup with the tailgate UP that produces the
resistance to lower your mpg...

Thats why they have the NET gate that lets air pass through it, but
tonneau cover is even better.  Living in central Mexico, I just load it
up with Mexicans wanting a lift and let them be the airfoil....<lol>....

Nos vemos!

Dave Narby wrote:

Hey Mark,

Dude... DUDE... Skip the mothballs. Naphtha will eventually screw up your engine.

Try adding 1-2 more oz of acetone per 10 gallons. The sweet spot seems to be 3 oz, some people do better w/a little more or less.

Also try 7-10 ounces of toluene or xylene and advancing the timing (toluene is used commercially as an octane booster, xylene is very similar, and both are 50-75% cheaper if you add them in yourself as opposed to paying for the 'pre-blended' mix at the pump).

Try the Mobil 15k synthetic oil. You change it less and it costs the same as running cheapo oil.
Add 4 oz of Torco MZP engine assembly lube to your gearbox.

Also, try a chin spoiler.  This will block air from your undercarriage.

Do all that and you'll probably have a 33MPG 59 Edsel.


PS running your truck with the tailgate down degrades MPGs. Running a tonneau cover (even a 1/2 cover from the cab back) increases MPGs.

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