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Bottomline, its up to the user...in high or low amounts (that might have a cumulative effect), I think I'll pass on acetone...reference;


09/08/06 - Vietnam officially bans acetone as additive in gasoline

Vietnam authorities have officially banned the use of acetone as an additive in gasoline, a Hanoi-based industry source said Friday. The ban, which comes into immediate effect for all imported gasoline, also covers blending of acetone gasoline.

"The government is very concerned about the consequences [of acetone in gasoline]," the Petrolimex official said. "They [the government] still don't know the full extent of damage to health," he said. The official added that this was the first known case of acetone being added in higher-than-accepted amounts to gasoline.

Acetone is a solvent that can be used as an additive for boosting octane levels in gasoline. It is not typically specified in gasoline sales contracts.

A high amount of acetone in gasoline, however, can affect the rubber seals of vehicle engines. Ho Chi Minh City's Department of Science and Technology concluded last week that acetone in some recent batches of imported gasoline was behind the large-scale breakdown of motorcycles in the city.

The conclusion followed tests conducted by the department on samples taken from retail stations.
Andreas Kaupert wrote:
Hola Jerry,

I have to concur with Dave that the acetone in the gas should not create any problems with the seals. At 3oz. of acetone per gallon of gas, it

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