Hola Raul!

I had the great pleasure of attending a water lecture and workshop by
Walter (William) Baumgartner a few years ago.  He did the 'Wasserfadden'
experiment where water is shot under pressure through a needle that is
used to fill up a basketball or football.

The water shoots into an insulated bucket.  When water is ripped apart
under force (Lenard), it generates high voltage and the phenomena
produced is quite fascinating to see.

A mist ring appears around the orifice and the misted water ORBITS and
GLOWS a pale blue.  This experiment was done using water from the mains
in Los Angeles.

Walter said the water in this city was nearly 'dead' water and so the
glow in a dark room using the Wasserfadden was very pale and not much
was levitated.

I have seen photos of 'living' water (not sure what that means but I
think it refers to the ZETA potential which is the capacity of water to
hold a charge)...in these photos the water is glowing a very bright blue
and a THICK ring of mist orbits the nozzle.

So the more charge the water can hold, the more 'life' giving properties
the water is supposed to have.

Walter is a great fan of Victor Schauberger and has done remarkable
experiments using the implosion effect which is supposed to 'vivify'
water and give it life giving abilities.

This same high voltage from water phenomenon occurs with water
knives....where they pressurize water at about 40,000psi and the stream
acts much like a laser to cut very cleanly even through STEEL...

The high voltage generated from the water as it rips out of the nozzle
must be drained off using a ground, because the potentials can be lethal
if someone touches it.

Perhaps a Schauberger spiral tube or egg shape could increase the energy in the water to improve the experiment and make the water 'live.'

Raul Quintanilla wrote:
I have been amused by the postings on naphta balls and wonder how
many in the list are trying their hands at this simple home upgrade
to fosile fuel. I recall that in Southamerica [Argentina?] gasoline
is, or was, named 'nafta' or 'naftalina' and think that in Europe the
name is 'benzine' [sp?], not sure where, maybe england.

Well anyway, searching for more info on fuel eficency I stumbled upon
this link: http://www.adhikara.com/water.html

This comes from here: http://www.joecell.com.au/water.html Might be
worth a visit if nothing better to do.

Amazing how simple words can change the nature of water [things?] and
amazing how water reacts to enviroment sounds [rock and classic

Does anyone know how to make 'dead water', alive again?


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